Our Services

Effective communication is key to establishing relationships and reaching goals. We work closely with clients to develop the best roadmap to ensure their voices are heard. Our energy and commitment to the highest standards set us apart, and we pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients. Our extensive experience and deep relationships give us the ability to offer:


Bi-Partisan Legislative Lobbying

SKO-GOV will reach out to members of the legislative branch at the state and local — regardless of party—to make sure your voice is heard and to clearly express your message. We have developed relationships and experience that enable us to have access to key decision makers, a critical component in advancing your goals as they relate to government policy.

Access to Key Decision Makers

Relationships are vital. Through years of experience in the legal and legislative worlds, SKO-GOV has established the relationships necessary to identify and connect with the individuals most likely to hear, understand, and advance your position.

Bill Drafting

Our in-depth understanding of the implications and consequences (both intended and unintended) of legislative language will help SKO-GOV put pen to paper and draft bills that accomplish your goals without overcomplicating existing statutory schemes.

Legislation Monitoring and Management

Life happens fast, and legislative sessions sometimes occur even faster. For this reason, it is important to engage a partner dedicated to monitoring legislation in real-time and staying apprised of substance and procedure changes concerning the issues that matter to you. SKO-GOV is committed to keeping you in the loop in a rapidly evolving environment.


Legislation Analysis

Not all legislation is created equal- and looking ahead to the consequences of proposed legislation can help you develop the strategy that is the best fit for your business. By offering our services for in-depth legislation analysis, SKO-GOV is prepared to dig into proposed legislation to study its impact on you and your business, including not only the legislation itself, but its potential impact on existing laws and regulations.

Testimony Preparation

Legislative testimony can be an art and a science. SKO-GOV can assist you in preparing to testify before legislative committees as they tackle the issues that matter to you. We can help you convey your message in the most efficient and persuasive way possible.


Committee and Agency Monitoring

Policymaking is not limited to legislative sessions. By monitoring interim committees and executive agency rulemaking, SKO-GOV can keep you updated on issues that may impact your business as they are being discussed and evaluated.

Educational Material Development

To be effective, messaging must be clear and concise. SKO-GOV can help you create materials for distribution to interested parties and the public generally that will provide relevant information in an approachable way.

Ethics Reporting

SKO-GOV can assist you in navigating the requirements for timely and accurate reporting to the appropriate government ethics agencies to help you maintain compliance.

Staff Development

Your staff is often the first point of communication of your message. SKO-GOV can help train and educate your staff on the goals, impact, and facts that inform your strategy and messaging and the best practices for promoting that message in their communications.

Local Government Lobbying

All politics are local, and too often, government relations practices overlook the importance of your local government. Not SKO-GOV. We stand prepared to communicate effectively with your local government officials to ensure your voice is heard.

Local Government messaging

SKO-GOV can help spread your messages to members of your local government, including magistrates, commissioners, judge-executives, and mayors. These individuals and other local officials can be critical to your operations, and crafting the right message can be essential to your success.


Bi-Partisan Executive Branch Lobbying

Much of your business is subject to the regulation of the executive branch. Our vast network of relationships allows us to share your message with decision-makers within the executive branch.

Administrative Regulation Promulgation Monitoring

The process for an agency’s development and promulgation of administrative regulations can be arduous. SKO-GOV can help you navigate the process in a way that is consistent with your strategy and beneficial to your business.

Administrative Regulation Comment

Within the administrative regulation promulgation process is the comment period. Developing comments that appropriately convey your message while at the same time offering analysis of other comments is a skill that SKO-GOV has developed over time, and that can assist you in making a meaningful contribution to the promulgation process that will help you achieve success.

Testimony before Administrative Boards and Commissions

SKO-GOV can assist you in preparing to testify before administrative agencies, boards, or commissions as they tackle the issues that matter to you. We can help you develop strategies for conveying information and ideas in a concise, easy-to-understand way.

Public Hearings and Comment

SKO-GOV can attend or prepare you to attend public hearings and offer comment that is consistent with your goals and delivers your message with confidence and clarity.

Appearance at Client Events

We can help educate your staff and guests about the legislative or government issues that matter to you. SKO-GOV can attend your events to present on any number of topics, including but not limited to pending or enacted legislation, government projects, policy development and more.